What Is Direct Mail?


We all get many pieces of mail on a daily basis except for Sunday and holidays and we all know that the biggest part of mail that we receive is advertising brochures, marketing mail, and mail that tries to get you to join a club or to buy some goods. This type of mail is called direct mail or mainly called junk mail because most of the time this mail gets thrown into the trash can as the customer walks out of the post office or walks into their house from the mailbox.

Direct mail can come in the form of advertising circulars from stores that are around town, catalogs of almost any type of merchandise, CD and DVD clubs, "pre-approved credit card applications, and many other types of commercial materials that are delivered to both homes and businesses. This direct mail may be addressed to pre-selected individuals that are usually found on mailing lists or they can be addressed to "occupant".

Design and format of the direct mail is much more open then that of regular mail. When you mail a bill out, there is a certain format that the letter has to be in for it to be mailed but direct mail can be in many different formats which include catalogs that are pages of the senders products that they are selling, clear bag packages which are the senders circulars in-cased in just a clear wrapping so their marketing will show through, postcards which are just two sided little cards that have a marketing message on one side and the receivers address on the other, and envelope mailers are envelopes of different sizes that allow the sender to include more than one marketing mailer and are sometimes called marriage mailers because there are more than one businesses marketing within one envelope.

Other forms that the direct mail comes in the mail are snap mailers which are flyers that fold together and seal with pressure, dimensional mailers which are mailers that have some form of dimension to them such as a small box, and intelligent documents mail pieces that are programmed from a database of information and digitally printed for faster distribution.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to direct mail but the main disadvantage is that there are many people that get very irritated with the direct mail filling up their mail boxes that they try to get off mailing lists. The main advantage is there are many people that find the direct mail very useful and find deals that they would not otherwise find.

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